Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Mountain of Garbage

Landfills are just big mountains of garbage.
Did you know that every American throws out about 4 pounds of garbage a week? Think about that. Over the course of the year, we throw out aboiut 208 pounds of trash.

Now think about everyone in your family doing that, now everyone on your street, in the city, the state, the country. OH MY!

Now consider how much of that is recyclable. Maybe a quarter, maybe a third, maybe half?
Since we started recycling to the limit of what our city will take, we have reduced our garbage by half. We now take out just as many recyclable bags of alulminum cans, tin cans, plastic bottles, newspaper, printed materials (like junk mail), glass and cardboard packaging as we do trash bags.

I know some cities aren't as generous about their recycling program as Dallas is, but hey, you can lobby city hall. And some places, while they may not offer curbside recycling, they will have a drop-off center near their landfill.

All-in-all, it's an easy way for me to reduce my footprint on the earth. And at least I won't be leaving such a big pile of junk behind for my children to deal with.

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