Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Good Review?

I need your opinion.  This morning a review came in for A Hot Time in Texas that I can't figure out.  It's from Between the Lines, an online reviewer.  She first has an issue with the name Twink and alludes to the idea that Twink might be a slang word for something I am too naive to understand.  No one has ever made this suggestion before.  Then she mentions that some of the dialogue sounds a little contrived.   So I'm thinking she hates the book, but she gives it an overall 4 stars (Great Read- A Keeper).  This is VERY HIGH PRAISE.  I looked at her other reviews and she is a brutal, hard grader.  So I guess I am pleased that she really did like the book and gave it such high marks. Although I am at a loss to understand the Twink remark.  I actually knew a woman named Twink and thought it was a great name for a pixie-ish character.  So, help me out.  If you know of a problem with the name Twink, let me know.

Here's the link if you want to read the whole thing.