Monday, April 6, 2009

April is Earth Month

April 22 is Earth Day.

I know you don't know that, because it isn't a Hallmark card day or a TeleFlorist day or a honey-ham day or a give-gifts day or a candy day.

It's just a day for recognizing that God made the earth and there is only one of it (that we know of) and it has a finite amount of breathable air, drinkable water and tillable soil. It's a day of reckoning with our lifestyles.

Does what I do every day help or hinder the earth's ability to sustain life in the future?

No, no, no. Don't give me that "I'm just one person. How can I make a difference?" crap.

I'll tell you how you can make a difference. Every day. I'm going to put up a tip on how you can save the earth. Just you. Okay, maybe you and several billion others, but you matter.

More than you know.

Just think, if all the YOUs changed just a little, it could accomplish a lot toward saving the earth.

And don't you think that would make God smile?

Heck, yeah, it would.

So, here's today's tip: turn off the water when you brush your teeth. You'll save almost a gallon of water--clean, undirtied water running helter skelter down the drain, unused. It's easy. Teach your kids and your spouse.

Hey, there's maybe four people right there! You're on your way.

More tomorrow.

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