Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming Full Circle

You may know that life is circular.

So it should be of no surprise that my blog is circular also. It started out as a blog about writing, following the publishing process until my fiction book comes out next month--YES, NEXT MONTH!

Then I got bored and changed it to Sensible Shoes and began writing about more bloggy things like kids and diets and whatever.

Then, here came Earth Day. Well, my first book, Cherish the Gift was spawned 19 years ago on Earth Day, 1990, so I have a passion for saving our little blue planet and started writing about that.

Multiple Personality Disorder.

Here comes the circular part: Today I finished a detailed proposal for a new version of Cherish the Gift subtitled Ten THings Your Church Can Do to Save the Earth. I submitted the idea to Chalice Press last month and received a request for a full proposal to be considered at the May editorial meeting. So I have finished it and sent it off today with lots of encantations, mantras, prayers and Hail Marys (covering all the bases.)

And so, now I'm writing about writing again.

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Sarah said...

Oh, yay!! My mantras are with you. I'll be sure to light a candle and pray to the book gods. How exciting.