Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolution--for the Millionth Time

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, the time for looking back and looking forward.  The year slipping away has been phenomenal:  two books published, milestones for our business, the same for our children.  It has also brought some sadness and challenges, especially for our parents.  As always bittersweet.   And so another year sneaks in, and what will it hold?  Certainly its share of joy and tears.  But, this year, I'd like to look back on a couple of specific triumphs:   finish Sensible Shoes and climb myself back up onto the diet bandwagon.   If I could accomplish those two things, then I would feel like the turn of the decade was all I could have hoped for. 
If I can finish Sensible Shoes and then sell it to a New York publisher, well, then, all would be right with the world and I would be content until 2020.   That doesn't seem too much to ask for, now does it?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Most Interesting

The January issue of the Lake Highlands Advocate and I am profiled as one of the 5 Most Interesting People in Lake Highlands.  The magazine has been following the progress of the books on this blog and I am thrilled that they deemed it INTERESTING.   So here is the link to the article (sans picture) online:

And, I would invite you to browse my website for more info about me and the books, including the trailers and excerpts.

And if you're interested in purchasing either (or both) books, you can get them from

I guess I've come full circle now.  I started this blog to follow the publishing path from start to finish.  I hope this isn't the end.   I'm working on a new book and with encouragement, such as the article in the Advocate, I will complete it soon and start the process all over. I hope you'll stick around for the journey.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

15 Minutes Continues

Just when I thought my 15 minutes of fame were over, I got an email from the Advocate, our neighborhood four-color magazine, and they want to include me in the cover story for the January issue!  It is a Best of the Best story.  They ran an article about this blog last January and a mention online about the book signing, call ing me "The most famous romance author in Lake Highlands".  How funny is that since I'm the ONLY romance author that I know of in Lake Highlands.  Anyway, it's all very fun.

The book signing was a great sucecess and here is a picture.