Friday, April 10, 2009

Leave It a Lawn

God did not create lawns.

God created an ecological wonder that requires only that it be left alone to work properly. So we have come into the garden, tilled it, planted it, and mowed it. God created fields of wildflowers; we planted Bermuda grass. God created forests and we cleared them and planted St. Augustine.

And most amazingly, we insist on having lush green lawns in the strangest places--the middle of our western deserts, on craggy mountain tops, in marshy wetlands. We are punished for this by God, who sends pestilence and grubworms and dandelions. And so we poison, fertilize and yank them out by their tenacious roots.

God will win.

So, cut your losses. Plant some native grasses, trees and shrubs. Those are the ones meant for your sunlight, your temperature and rainfall. They will survive and thrive and be beautiful because they were intended in the great scheme of things to live long and prosper.

Okay, so I've mixed my Bible with Star Trek, but you know what I mean.

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Nankin said...

Tell the stupid HOA that.