Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Year, New Book

At last this blog will live up to its name.  I spent most of Sunday searching for New York Agents, ready at last to query about my latest manuscript, Sensible Shoes.  I actually found one who had a form online and I sent it in.  I am still one chapter from completing the MS, but so close and it takes so long for agents and editors to respond (sometimes up to 8 months) that I feel comfortable about sending this in now.   I also identified about 8 more likely agents, all in New York or close to (like lovely New Jersey.)  Some take electronic submissions and some only snail mail, so I will do an excel spreadsheet (so anal retentive, but the only way to keep up with who gets what when) and get it moving.

So we're off on another journey, this one is a more meandering course instead of the breakneck ride of the last two books.   No roller coaster here, just slow and steady wins the race--we hope!!!

Anyway, if I get a NY agent, you will hear the screaming all over town--nay, nay--the world!