Monday, August 11, 2008


The edits are here! If it weren't for the fact that I've been an advertising copywriter for most of my life, and a fiction writer with a critique group for that same length of time, I would probably feel threatened by the email that said my editor was sending the edits for the manuscript. But I am no stranger to change, criticism, or the whimsical notions of others. So I welcome the edits because it means another step in the publishing process is complete and we are closer to BOOK IN HAND!

Plus she had very nice words for me and I quote them here. "Since your story was so well-written, it's only going to require one round of initial edits (I often have to do as many as 3!). "

That made my day!

Anyway I'm going through the changes one by one and noticing a pattern. I have used a certain "style" (translate that as rules for writing) since my college days and my editor is clearly using a different "style" regarding a few things. But, she's the boss, so I will add the commas and the rest gladly. None of it changes the story one iota, so I'm pleased to do it. And when I submit to them again, which I will, I'll know ahead of time and maybe she won't make ANY CHANGES AT ALL. Yeah, right.

So, I'm off to edit and whistling a happy tune all the while.

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Nankin said...

Cindy, that is so cool.