Thursday, September 4, 2008

Book in Motion

The latest and greatest thing in book promotion is guess what--video trailers. They act like little mini commercials for your book, with images that move, music, graphics, and even voiceovers. This is perfect for me since Scott and I have a video production business. So we have been busy building a video trailer for A Different Drum. I wrote a script and actually bought some images online. We have production music and we found the perfect motorcycle-riding kind of song and will add some sound effects, too. Scott is doing the voiceover, "In a world where sheriffs ride cycles and women get stranded on highways. . . " You know the kind of voice I mean. He used to be in radio and has this great "radio" voice. The hardest part was finding pictures of men and women who look like my characters: perky, curly-haired blond woman and brooding, pony-tailed half-Native American man. Not easy. But it's coming together and I'll post it here when it's a wrap--as they say.

Then maybe we'll even get into the book trailer business.

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Nankin said...

Cindy, I can't wait to see it.