Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolution--for the Millionth Time

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, the time for looking back and looking forward.  The year slipping away has been phenomenal:  two books published, milestones for our business, the same for our children.  It has also brought some sadness and challenges, especially for our parents.  As always bittersweet.   And so another year sneaks in, and what will it hold?  Certainly its share of joy and tears.  But, this year, I'd like to look back on a couple of specific triumphs:   finish Sensible Shoes and climb myself back up onto the diet bandwagon.   If I could accomplish those two things, then I would feel like the turn of the decade was all I could have hoped for. 
If I can finish Sensible Shoes and then sell it to a New York publisher, well, then, all would be right with the world and I would be content until 2020.   That doesn't seem too much to ask for, now does it?

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Nankin said...

Sounds reasonable to me.