Sunday, December 27, 2009

Most Interesting

The January issue of the Lake Highlands Advocate and I am profiled as one of the 5 Most Interesting People in Lake Highlands.  The magazine has been following the progress of the books on this blog and I am thrilled that they deemed it INTERESTING.   So here is the link to the article (sans picture) online:

And, I would invite you to browse my website for more info about me and the books, including the trailers and excerpts.

And if you're interested in purchasing either (or both) books, you can get them from

I guess I've come full circle now.  I started this blog to follow the publishing path from start to finish.  I hope this isn't the end.   I'm working on a new book and with encouragement, such as the article in the Advocate, I will complete it soon and start the process all over. I hope you'll stick around for the journey.

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