Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Hot Time in Texas Makes it Debut

At last! My second book from The Wild Rose Press is here! A Hot Time in Texas is a late summer sizzler set in the fictitious town of Howard, Texas and, well, I'll let the new review tell you all about it. This is what The Romance Studio had to say:

"Ms. Cindy Causey has written a wonderful book about a couple who both wanted something so badly they couldn’t see any way for compromise. The main couple was so attracted to each other. The chemistry sizzled and the conflict was electrifying. Causey created two people with their futures already settled who had not counted on love getting in the way. These people were so well written it was as if I was in the tiny town of Howard living with them and all the chaos as it presented itself.

The secondary characters were adorable, especially Ethan’s mother. This small town, written in Causey fashion, simply drew me into its clutches and made me want to live there. Even knowing how things were progressing, there was myriad of surprises and laughter (as well as tears) written throughout this manuscript. The story was fast-paced and I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

I recommend this book as a good read which will leave great feelings long after the last page is read. "

And here's the new video trailer for Hot Time.

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Nankin said...

Way to go, girl. We're all so proud of you.