Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Am What I Eat

And today I am low fat, low salt, low sugar. . . and low taste. Scott and I struggle with weight and trying to eat healthier so this week we have dropped salt from our diet. For months we have been low sugar, before that it was low fat for years.

Do you know that you can't really get low fat and low sugar in the same product? Those two gems of dieting seem to be mutually exclusive. So I look at calories. I have stocked up on high fiber, whole wheat and all-natural. I suck on rice cakes spread with a barely perceptible layer of non-fat cream cheese, sprinkled with a whisper of Mrs. Dash. We eat egg substitute, turkey bacon and 35-calorie bread for breakfast.

I'm comfortable with this. I've learned to love non-fat sour cream, diet soda, and Splenda. I can eat a Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice or Smart One. We can't believe it's not butter and even spritz it on dry, lifeless popcorn.

So adding low salt to our regimen seemed like the natural, organic thing to do. I went back to the grocery store today. I scoured the aisles for salt-free, low sodium and the moniker du jour--hint of salt. I filled the cart with low salt crackers, soup, condiments, and juices. I bought fresh meats, veggies and produce. Nothing processed, nary a box in sight except for the Shredded Wheat and Cheerios, the lowest salt cereals in captivity.

I got home and shoved the heinous sugar-free sodas, laden as they are with salt, to the back of the fridge to make way for the new salt-free vegetable juice. Tonight, we'll enjoy some special concoction, made just the way Mom never did.

But it's better than the alternative. At least we'll be here to play with our grandkids and cruise around the world (heck, yes, that's the plan.)

So, here's to the spice of life. It'll just have to do.


Sarah said...

I don't know whether to say "yay" or "ick." The whole low-fat this, low-sugar that has just become normal for me,but I know my chocolate is your salt when it comes to weaknesses. I'm mostly trying to eat as fresh as possible. Meals that will provide leftovers for the day I don't feel like cooking and am tempted to reach for the bad foods. That can be more difficult when you have little time to cook, however.

Just the same old tune we keep humming isn't it? I'm proud of us though.

And I'm still enjoying the blog.

Nankin said...

You really have to watch the low fat and sugar thing. I"ve read that a good italian dressing in small quantities is better for you than the oil free.

Cindy Causey said...

I think you're both right. It's all about doingthe sensible thing.