Monday, September 26, 2011

Writing Workshops Times Two

I was honored to be asked to conduct two workshops recently. The first was a month-long online workshop for the Celtic Heart chapter of Romance Writers of America. The subject was Point-of-View, one that's near and dear to my heart.

The second was a chapter meeting workshop for the Dallas Area Romance Authors and the subject was Building Brand You: Creating a 5-Star Online Presence.

As different as these two experiences were, they were similar in a few ways, too. And I loved them both.

Both required advanced preparation of materials: a series of written lessons to be posted on a loop every few days for the online and a powerpoint presentation for the in-person.

I had to work to make the information relevant for the particular audience, knowing that in both I would find expereince, published authors and very new writers at the beginning of their careers.

And I had to work both into my very busy schedule at our store.

But the rewards were great! Not only did I learn more about both topics, which I do every time I conduct at workshop, but I also got PAID! And in both cases, the audience was receptive, participatory, grateful and interested! I didn't bore them!

My goal is always to give them information they can actually use!

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