Friday, June 18, 2010

New Covey Book Trailer Awards

Can you help me out? The book trailer for A Different Drum is up for an award at Please go to the website and vote for number 6!  No prizes, just bragging rights, but hey, who doesn't want to win something?  The site is fun and you can get addicted to watching all the trailers.  They mix all the genres so I'm up against children's books, mysteries, paranormal, you name it.  Some of the trailers are really good, some are awful, but most are way too long for my taste.
I'd love for you to vote for mine, but also I'd like your comments here or on my Facebook page about what you thought about the videos--what was good and what didn't work.  I create these for other people, too, and I'd like your feedback.  Voting goes through the end of the month.  You can also see the videos for both books to the right on the BRAND NEW VIDEO BAR!  How cool is that?  Let's go to the movies!

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