Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's a Hot Time in Texas!

My second book, A Hot Time in Texas, is available on weeks early! Hard to believe it's already here. I haven't even been able to finish all my promotional ideas for A Different Drum and now I need to start on the second one. Who'd would ever have thought that I'd have THAT problem! What an embarrassment of riches.

I feel so blessed this summer with all that's happened with the books and the documentary for Good Sam. I'm just trying to maximize the potential of all this. I would hate to feel like I did with Cherish that I just never did enough.

So, here I am, thinking I will keep a low propfile about Hot Time for a little while until Drum gains a little more ground.

So everyone, keep it under your hat.


kathy hess said...

Seriously??!!? we can't tell anyone??

Nankin said...

Well, I've already got my copy from Amazon.