Sunday, May 31, 2009

At Last!

The book is here. Well, not here exactly since my author copies haven't arrived yet. But it's THERE. For sale on The Wid Rose (here's the link)

and Here'sthe link:

It's complete with a review from the fabulous LJ who was the first one to get a copy. I've spent the last couple of days, between working, trying to get the word out via about 2,000 social networking sites and vehicles. GEEZ. I wanted to post a little more info here, so I needed to wait until I had the time.

I put up the trailer on YouTube. Here's the link, in case you haven't seen it a thousand times already.

I have to say the whole thing is a little overwhelming. It's the ending (or the beginning) of a really long journey which started when I woke up one morning in 1995 with a story in my head that had to be written down. I never fancied myself a fiction writer. That was the year I sold my serious non-fiction book.

Fiction is so, so made up. It's fanciful, fun, and frolicsome--at least in my head. I know there are serious fiction writers out there who can make me cry and think and change my mind. But that's not me. I'm afraid it never will be. Oh sure, I have serious thoughts, God knows. But I save those for my non-fiction writing. My fiction will forever be light, airy, funny (I hope) and quirky.

I hope you'll check out A Different Drum. I hope you like it. I'll hope you'll come back for more in August when A Hot Time in Texas will be out.

So, the original purpose of this blog was to follow the process of getting a book published. That purpose is fulfilled and now Sensible Shoes will morph into ---who knows? I appreciate those of you who have followed along. I hope you'll stick around for whatever's next.


kathy hess said...

Finished Different Drum this weekend .... soooo good! Want more!

Unknown said...

Cindy--and how do you have 2000 social networking loops? I have eight. I know--I'm very slow. Celia