Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Self exploration. Pages of paperwork for the publisher.
About me, about the book.

  • The Contract--very legal, very wordy. I'd actually been to some workshops and knew what to look for. Everything seemed in order except they don't offer but one (read that ONE) copy of the book in electronic form and one (read that ONE) in print form. Hmmmmm.
  • Author Info--contact info mostly
  • Author Promo Info--what will you do to make the world beat a path to your book? Start a blog? Build a website? Sure. No problem. Got an email? Of course. A picture? Oh, God, no, not a picture. Okay, here's a picture. What can you do? Workshops on writing, public speaking about the environment, sing a little ditty. What do you want me to do?
  • Manuscript Info--the most fun part. All about the book. What do the hero and heroine look like? What's the theme? When you give up what you think you want, you might just find your heart's desire. The setting? Present day New Mexico. Any animals? Yes, a wolf. The back cover blurb? Here you go. An excerpt? WHOA! That's hard. What 250 words do you chose out of the entire book that will entice someone to buy it, read it, love it?

Anyway, got it all done. Filled it all in and sent it all out. Phew! That was fun!!!

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